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Hi World. Here is that answer to that question you asked :)

It’s weird you know… Being in the entertainment industry or “space” as I would like to call it. I’ve been an intern, assistant, A&R Admin, Blogger, Social Media Strategist to business owner.  Lately, I been asked questions like “what do you do”.. to me, I thought it was easy to see.. but I guess not.  Answering a few of the questions I’ve seen asked about me on the internet.

1. What do you do? I run two websites, KarenCivil.com; a hip hop website giving you exclusive access and news on some of your favorite hiphop stars. AlwaysCivil.com; a website catering to health, beauty, fashion and every day news. I also run my own Social Media/Digital company “Always Civil Enterprise”; help marketing some of your favorite artist and brands: Beats By Dre, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Mack Maine, Funkmaster Flex, Dom Kennedy & More.. Visit alwayscivil.com to see/learn more ;)

2. Don’t you date (insert rapper here)? No sorry, just b/c i make silly faces in a photo doesn’t automatically mean I am sleeping with someone, weird world we live in, that people from the opposite sex can’t just be cordial with one another. I love hiphop, I love to know I’m able to help further artists’ career, and they trust in my views and opinion. 

I have a GREAT man in my life who pushes me to be better, who not only loves me but adores me. My heart sits with him, we are very private, b/c he is what society would call an “average joe”…

3. Why do you wear your Clothes/Hair like that? I take criticism very well, but I only accept it from people coming from a genuine place. 

4. You seem to have an attitude/bothered? not actually, I’m an introverted person who is thinking about a million things, I’m usually lost in my own world, figuring out the next step and how I can make it happen. I’m probably that weird kid you went to school with.

5. What motivates you? My family…my mom is the reason I wake in the morning, and strive to be great. I always wanted to make my mark in the world, and with her love she helps me push towards that goal.

6. Why didn’t you answer me on instagram/twitter/email/facebook? I honestly wish I could ANSWER every message I can, but I can’t.. I have limited time, and have to figure out how to divide my time daily. I want to help people further their career with tips and advice, and try my best to give you that on my site alwayscivil.com. 

7. other things. I’m from Elizabeth, NJ, Haitian American… and my name is Karen ISrael Civil.. My mom is dope huh? Karen Is. Civil.. haha! 

I think thats mostly it… hope I answered most of what people inquired about. if not, ask away…

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